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JUST ANNOUNCED: All Standard Pops Ship in our Brand New 0.5mm Premium Pop Protectors!
JUST ANNOUNCED: All Standard Pops Ship in our Brand New 0.5mm Premium Pop Protectors!

Animoodles Randy the Orangutan Magnetic Plush

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Randy Orangutan is a soft, fully magnetic orangutan plush with a sweep of wild hair and custom colored rust orange minky fur. Randy Orangutan is a clever leader who runs a tropical smoothie stand called Surfy Sip. You can stick his parts to your fridge, or combine his parts with other Animoodles to make your own creation!


  • 7.5" tall when seated
  • Composed of 6 magnetic plush parts: head, torso, 2 arms, and 2 legs
  • Strong magnets are hidden safely inside each plush part
  • Comes inside Wild Jungle themed habitat box with Randy Orangutan character card
  • Compatible with all Animoodles. Collect them all!

About Animoodles

Animoodles are adorable magnetic mix & make plushies you can combine together in hundreds of ways! Animoodles launched on Kickstarter in Fall 2017 and are now available at specialty retailers, like Mandrill Toys & Collectibles, with a set of four characters designed by a team of Apple, Pixar and Disney veterans. You and your family will fall in love with brave Brady Lion, peaceful Hazel Sloth, joyful Miguel Frog, and clever Randy Orangutan.


Suitable for ages 3-103. Keep away from children under 3, dogs, and all pets. Animoodles are intended for children ages 3+ but have been tested for and exceeded the appropriate ASTM F963 safety standards for children 0+.


Animoodles are made with 100% new polyester fiber and include 11 very strong rare earth neodymium magnets inside each Animoodle. Each magnet is encased in a proprietary enclosure that contains three layers of material between the magnet and outer surface of the fabric.